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VCT Restoration in Blackfoot

Vinyl composition tile, or VCT flooring, is a highly attractive and commonly used flooring solution. VCT is durable, flexible, and able to stand up to a large amount of heavy foot and rolling load traffic. There's a reason it's used in so many commercial applications - it's a great and highly versatile type of flooring.

However, over time, like any other flooring, VCT can start to look its age. When you notice that the VCT flooring in your commercial space is looking the worse for wear, it's time to call Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning and ask about our VCT Restoration services.

VCT Restoration from Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning

Are you sick of looking at VCT flooring that has become dull and lifeless? Over time, VCT will become scuffed, stained, and discolored. For light commercial use, most VCT flooring will require restoration at least once every 12 months, but unfortunately many property owners will neglect their VCT floors for longer periods of time, relying exclusively on regular daily cleaning to try to preserve their tile.

However, while daily cleaning of VCT is important, VCT restoration performed by qualified professional hard surface cleaners is necessary to truly protect your investment. Here at Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning, our VCT restoration services will strip out all the scuff marks, dirt, and ground in grime to restore the original look of your tile.

Many people don't realize that VCT flooring can be restored, and businesses and institutions around the country waste enormous amounts of money replacing perfectly good VCT flooring that could be salvaged. After months and years of usage, the wear layer of the flooring will eventually break down and the VCT will begin to look dull, faded, and worn out.

After professional VCT restoration services, and several coats of floor wax, your vinyl composition tile will be restored to its former, shining glory.

When You Need VCT Restoration

When you are looking for a reliable and professional VCT restoration solution, you should give Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning a call. You've invested a lot in your high quality VCT flooring, so when it comes to restoring your vinyl composite tile,you want to turn to professionals you can trust. You may be tempted to simply replace the floor, but your existing floor can be restored in less time and for less expense than tearing up and replacing the existing tile. Installing new VCT flooring often takes multiple days as the old flooring material must be removed first and it's more expensive purchasing a new floor and paying for the installation.

Don't throw away your investment. Call the experts at Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning, and our experienced and highly qualified cleaning crew will bring your VCT flooring back to top condition. With our years of experience, you'll be shocked by how great your VCT floor looks once we're done with it. For the best experience in VCT restoration services, you can count on Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning!