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Tile Restoration in Blackfoot

Tile is an attractive and resilient solution for floors, walls, and countertops. However, over time, tile can take a lot of abuse and end up very far from the attractive surface it once was. Whether in a residence, an office, a hospital, a dentist's office, a store, or a restaurant, aging tile will often look much worse for wear. In these cases, property owners need to turn to Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning for tile restoration services.

The Need for Tile Restoration

Over time, tile and grout surfaces will naturally build up a coating of dirt, grime, grease, and other materials that can be highly resistant to daily cleaning. Eventually, this build up becomes noticeable and can lead to discoloration, fading, and even damage. When your tile and grouting have reached this state, where mopping and scrubbing doesn't seem to get you anywhere, it's time to turn to professional tile restoration.

The Tile Restoration Professionals

Here at Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning, we have the tools and the expertise to restore your tile and bring value back to your investment. Our experienced and well-trained cleaning crew will disinfect and remove built-up dirt and grime from floors, countertops, showers, and any other tile on your property that has become discolored, faded, or otherwise unattractive.

We use highly specialized professional equipment and industrial cleaning products in order to eliminate the most resistant grime and bring your tiles back to a like-new condition. However, even when years of built up dirt has been removed, your tiles and grout can still be left with varying degrees of staining or other discoloration.

But there's no reason to live with aged or damaged tile and grouting! We can recolor your grout to provide a new, attractive appearance, and then seal the surface with our urethane floor sealant. This protects your newly restored tile from damage and will help extend the life of your tile, as well as protect its appearance. As a key step of the tile restoration process, sealant will protect the color, as well as help keep your tile clean and sanitary - protecting it from spills, bacteria, and bodily fluids.

Tile Restoration from Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning

Here at Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning, we've been working for years to perfect the techniques that enable us to restore tile surfaces to such a high degree. We take pride in the level of service we're able to offer. Tile restoration services from Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning will help restore your home or business to a condition that you can be proud of.

Whether your tile is suffering from mold and mildew or simply a buildup of dirt from years of use, the tile restoration pros here at Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning have the expertise to whip your tile back into shape, whether it's in your home or your business. If you need tile restoration services and want to see your tiles look better than they have in years, then give Cornerstone Hard Surface Cleaning a call today!